Comment on Okorocha’s swan song by DR Uche Kalu

The Ogboko Quisling, Mallam Rochas Okoroawusa is hereby put on notice
that he is under the Blacklist of the Biafran Nationalists,IPOB and MASSOB.
Governor Okoroawusa and members of family are henceforth persona non
gratas in Alaigbo.
The earlier they relocated to either Jos or better Sokoto, where they should
rightly belong,the better for them, because the fate of the late Igbo Qusling, Prof. Ukpabi Asika and his family awaits them too
The Upstart’s misdeeds and betrayals against us Ndigbo are very long and well documented too.For example;
1.Governor Okorocha hijacked our APGA mandate and with that, he went over to Mallam Muhammadu Buhari’s Axis of Evil Party of conmen, Igbophobes,
Jihdists,liars and thieves, the so called APC.
2.Mallam Okoroawusa did shy away from taking up the case of an Imo
Daughter, Oriaku Bridget Agbahieme, a 74 years old mother and a spouse
of an Igbo Clergyman,who was brutally and publicly beaded by some Hausa/Fulani Jihadist savages in Kano .
Even when the Raghead Emir of Kano,Alhaji Muhammadu Lamode Sanusi
ordered the release of the barbaric perpetrators of that heinious inhuman act
from their Sharia custody,this Ogboko traitor still maintains his silence over
the beheading of our innocent Igbo daughter up till today.
3.It was also Rochas Okoroawusa who coopt, seduced ,suckered or rather tricked Mazi Dave Nwaeze Umahi, the Governor of Ebonyi State,into inviting the Igbophobe,President Buhari to Abakaliki,as a thank you gesture for his taking both of them with him,during his first US tour.
In Abakaliki,they feted and wined that Igbohater,and did crown their act of
betrayal of Ndigbo by conferring an Igbo Title upon that filthy , uncircumcised
and an uninitiated son of an undocumented Fulani alien cattle driver,who loves to hate us Ndigbo with passions.
3. It was that same Governor of Imo State,the Quisling of Ogboko,who led
the campaign for the proscription of our IPOB Youths, thus paving the way
for their designation as a terrorist group and the subsequent Python Dance
Military Exercises which followed suit.
During those Python Dances (Egwu Eke) hundreds of our unarmed Igbo
Children were murdered in cold and indeed,at the behest of Mallam Muhammadu Buhari.
We Biafrans do hold Mallam Okoroawusa and his fellow Igbo member of
Buhari’s APC Party responsible for those killings of our Igbo Children by the
Nigerian Janajaweed Army of Jihadist vandals and morons during
their Python Dancings (Egwu Eke) in Igboland.
”Ndigbo ga agwa ochu.Ofo!”
All Hail Biafra,our God’s own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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