Comment on Okowa and the South-South by DR Uche Kalu

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and his fellow Governors of the South South were
overtly very materialistic in their above demands.
What about the security of lives and property of our people which since 2015
are under threat all over the country?
President Buhari’s APC led Government has in the past five years
plunged our fatherland into our current Hobbessian State of Nature.
The Governors seem to have wasted not a single word on the ongoing
incipient genocide against us Indigenous Kwa/Bantu Nigerian by the
Hausa/Fulani Jihadist Killer Squads ( the Boko Haram, MACBAN’s Fulani
Herdsmen and ISWAP) ,& thus abetted by the Nigerian Army and Police.
They also talked about Constitutional Amendment as if we have got a
people’s Constitution to start with.
The Governors ought to be straightforward,firma , precise about it and
they must also match their demands with some punitive actions.
It must be about resructuring, devoluton of power to our new Constituent
Federating Units, and with a100% resource control before any further
Elections in this country , come 2023.
The Boko Haram Jihadists are the custodians of Sharia-jurisprudence,
created by the Sharia State Governors,then at the behest of General
(Rted.) Muhammadu Buhari.
Their godfathers and sponsors are well known and documented too.
President Buhari is the Grand Patron of the MACBAN.The Nigerian Army
and the Police are under a standing order by the Presidency to offer
logistics to the MACBAN’s Fulani Herdsmen in execising their right of
passage all over the country,which is guaranteed them by a so called
ECOWAS Protocol.
The ISWAP are Fulbe Jihadist Mercenaries from ECOWAS countries
(Bokina Faso,Chad,Mali,Niger et al) invited accoding to the National
Secretary of MACBAN ,Alhaji Saleh Al – Hassan,to come and help the
Fulanis of Nigeria conquer Nigeria.
The Governors of the South South ought to be confronting the above
people,who are sponsoring the ongoing incipient genocide of daily
pogroms and ethnic cleansings of native Nigerians from their
ancestral lands by the above Hausa/Fulani Jihadist Killer Groups.
What we currently have as a Constitution in this country is really
a hand-down Writ by the Sultanate of Sokoto,which is plagiarized
from the Qur’an and garnised with medieval Arab cultural
values and nomadic customs.
With the gobbledygook Federal Charcater cum Quota System there
in our hand-down Constitution and given our Federating Units based
on States and Local Government Areas (LGAs) ,which is an utter
monumental fraud,Nigeria thus becomes and Usman Dan Fodio Estate
by de facto.
The bottomline here is that the Amalgamation of 1914 by Lord Frederick
John Dealtry Lugard ,which lumped us together with those bloody
barbarians,the bellicose and murderous Nilotic troglodytes,the alien Fulani
cattle drivers of the North was not a fait accompli.
It did contain an MoU that after a 100 years ,we Nigerians could decide
to either remain together or to go our fucking separate ways.
Thus,Lord Lugards Amagamtion of 1914 did expire at midnight on the 31st
of December 2013 and since the 1st of January 2014, Nigerian has indeed
remained an illegal entity up till today.
The onus therfore is upon our so called leaders to either push for a
restructuring of the country or to opt for the late Major Gideon Orkar’s
option of an outright ecision of the North East and North West from the
rest of the country.
Oh yes indeed!
Let the Hausa/Fulanis have their separate Islamic Republic of Sokoto,with their
fucking Sharia,C8,C15 and OIC Memberships,while the rest of us Nigerians can
cohabit in harmony in our Secular Commonwealth Republic of Nigria of our
founding fathers.
Of course,the concept of ”One Nigeria” belies the fact that we Indigenous
Kwa/Bantu Nigerian can ever cohabit in harmony with those barbaric,
bellicose and muderous Jihadists,the Fulanis and their Hausa/Kanuri muslim
mongrel bastards.
No never!
That will be like our collectively heading for a suicide, and along with us our
children and posterity.
The Abokis do live for their here-after and thus they live to fight , kill and to be
kill in order to die as martyrs, so that they can make it to their Islamic heaven.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islmic Hegemony!!

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