Comment on Only way to stop banditry is to kill them all –el-Rufai by THE NOON

Another cogent proof that most of these so called Nigerians politicians and those in an elected offices as Governors and legislatures are not democratically oriented in all ramifications that uphold the nonviolence philosophy of democracy and its doctrines of achieving fair play, Justice and what really defined good Democratic governance. “If only way to stop Banditry is to kill them all” The Kaduna State Governor should tell the whole world the Democratic justification of killing them all because it is absolutely undemocratic however Mallam Nasir Elrufai should answers these questions if truly His decision on this matter is Democratic because Bandits and corrupt office holders are categorically Twins as far as Crime is concerns, Why the trial of allege corrupt former Governors by the EFCC? Why is the law allowed suspect on financial or economy crime to defends themselves in court and why are most of the former Governors facing difference economy and financial crimes still reelected as Senators while some appointed as minister? So is there a difference between bandits and corrupted elected leaders? Or is their objective of making money not the same? Why are many so called politicians failed to acknowledged that poor Democratic leadership and bad Democratic governance systematically created Boko Haram, insurgency, Banditry and general insecurities of lives and properties? Therefore if the only ways to end Banditry is kill them all, definitely its should also be the only ways to end CORRUPTION.

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