Comment on OPC expresses worries over FG’s silence on killer herders, warns on impending reprisal by THE NOON

The Federal government must remained speechless on this matter unless if the public wanted F.G to deceived them with liars as usual because these crime and criminality in all its names continually taking advantages of long time neglection of rural settlement which made rural dwellers vulnerable to insecurities. Until these democratic leaders at all levels realized that no matter their levels of education and elected positions they are still villagers therefore achieving meaningful success on insecurities in all its names, infrastructural development of over 600 local government administration out of 774 local government situated in rural areas must be given priority where each secretariat of these local government will be developed like ABUJA of which mass housing, Banks, modern market and hospitals, police stations and many infrastructure that will changed its status from rural to urban which would be a practical answer to why many people run away from rural areas and also redressed the unpatriotic attitudes of federal, states and local government workers for adamantly refused to be posted to rural areas however many health workers, security agencies, teachers, youths corpers and some private organization always refused to work in rural areas these unpatriotic attitudes confirmed the fact that there is no government in the third tiers of government which until this problems is addressed before the insecurities will abruptly end. These villager’s in aso Rock and in all the government house across the 36 States of Nigeria should reflects that there are some rural areas that remained the same like 1960 no changes up til now is that reasonable?

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