Comment on Open grazing: ADF, ASETU attack South East govs by Dr Uche Kalu

The basic fact of the matter here vis – a – vis open-grazing is that the
MACBAN’s Fulani Herdsmen have already dug in permanently in 60
locations throughout our South East.
Our Millennial of IPOB’s ESN are quite aware of all those locations.
The Ebony Quisling,David Nwa Umahi and his fellow Igbo Governors,
who hitherto had accepted some money bags (akpa okpogho) from
the MACBAN Sheikhs in their various States with a promise to establish
some Rugas for the alien nomadic Fulani cattle drivers in their States,
do find themselves in a state of quandary now.
That does explains why those Igbo traitors talk about their ban on
open grazing without passing a law to back that up.
So did they, the Governors dilly dally about inaugurating an Igbo
Security Network only to succumb later to IGP Mohammed Adamu’s
Joint Security Network with the MACBAN’s Vigilantes.
Oh dear!
What a crying shame indeed!
Those Igbo traitors are simply mortgaging our ancestral lands for
absolutely nothing.
They must be stopped now before it is too late ojare.
They seem to be collectively afflicted by an acute form of Stockholm
Syndrome,hence their utter dereliction of their duty to the Sovereign
Electorate(Ndigbo) that they are under oath to serve.
Perhaps, the Dave Umahis,Hope Uzodinmas, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyis,Okezie
Ikpeazus and Willie Obianos of this world do urgently need some
psychiatric counselling courses and treatments in order to jolt them back
to their senses and thus reset their moral compasses.
They have all lost their noble Enyimba Spirit of us first,unity of purpose and
” Ndigbo Kwenu-o-o!
Egbe belu,ugo belu.
Nke si na ibe ya agaebe,nku nyawa ya na ike.Iwu!
Anyi ga ebi. Ofo!”
That our new President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo,Prof. George
Obiozor has continued to maintain his equanimity of Pontius Pilate,
over the recent Military Invasion in Orlu Local Government Area of his
own home State of Imo, is indeed a bracing testimony that the bloke
was imposed upon us Ndigbo by the APC.
That Alhaji Hope Abubakar Uzodinma,the Governor of Imo State could
go out his way to calling on the Nigerian Army to invade his own Local
Government Area of Orlu, is indeed a blot on the escutcheon of man.
The erstwhile Governor of Imo State, Mazi Rochas Okoroawusa,might
have been an enigma and indeed a pain on the necks of Ndigbo.
But his successor,Alhaji Hope Abubakar Uzodinma does come across
here as a devil incarnate in comparison.
That the Repobate, Governor Uzodinma could thus call in the Army
armed with Army tanks and helicopter gunships not the Police,to clear
the forest, which he had designated for Ruga, of our ESN Millennials must
not just go like that without a robust and an appropriate response from
the Ndi-Imo in particular and from us Ndigbo in general.
That Omuma Quisling was not elected by the Imolites, but he was rather
illegally imposed upon the people of Imo State by the Axis of Evil Party,the
APC as a Governor.
Alhaji Hope Abubakar Uzodinma must go and along with him all the
other Igbo Governors too , because they are all traitors and are also
enemies in our midst.
”Ndigbo chenu echiche.
Ndi ndiro gbara gburugburu na eche ndu ha nche.
David Nwa Umahi an ndi otu ya ( Ndi Governor Ndigbo) na acho anyi
Ndigbo ife.
Ofo jjide ha nile.
Chukwu Ukpabi na Amadi Oha ga eme ha nile ife.
Chineke ga gba ha nile oku!”
All Hail Biafra our God’s own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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