Comment on Open letter to Ndigbo by Peter Okeke

No one can dispute the fact that chief Nwodo is a great son and a leader in Igbo land. The problem with IPOB and Ohaneze from the narrative is still lack of communication. But the question is whether Ohaneze still recognizes IPOB that had been proscribed and whether there can still be an official communication between IPOb represented by Nnamdi KANU and Ohaneze cultural group represented by chief Nwodo. I see the attack on him as a reflection of the failure of Ohaneze to command the clout that could have stopped the proscription of IPOB as a terrorist group despite the personal efforts of Chief Nwodo to prevent it as stated above. It was a tale of different story for Arewa group that seemed to always have their way with the government regarding the welfare of the northern youths vis a his the conduct of the Fulani herdsmen that were never classified as a terrorist group. The case of the personal efforts of chief Nwodo was like a serious studious student that still failed the exam after all the efforts of reading. No one sees the efforts but the failure. It is not the fault of chief Nwodo that the IPOB was proscribed but he represents an important Igbo cultural group with high expectations placed on it, sometimes unreasonable. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. It is rather circumstantial with attendant colleteral damages to be in this mess.

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