Comment on OPL 245: Abacha family and Malabu trial scandal by Dr Uche Kalu

Oh dear! What a shithole of a country we’ve become today under Mallam
Muhammadu Buhari as our President.
What a crying shame indeed!
The above bizzare revelations do indeed raise lots of ethical questions,
vis -a-vis President Buhari’s Government given mantra of corruption
Quite contrary to that,there seem to be some damning evidences of some
gargantuan corruptions proliferating in every facet Buhari’s Admnistration.
It is however, noteworthy and very interesting that the late Military Despot,
General Sani Abacha’s family members do own an oil bloc and are currently
fighting against an attempt to deprive them of their inheritance.
But why not let them keep their damned inheritance?
After all, the late General Sani Abacha was a Kanuri and therefore an
Indigenous Kwa (Qua) Nigerian.
Besides,he was indeed a true native Nigerian patriot,who did liberate
Bakassi and our Ibom people of Bakassi from the Bantus of Cameroon.
If all the Northern Emirs and Imams,who happen to be alien Fulanis
could own and keep their own oil blocs,why then must the family
members of our above late patriot be deprived of their inheritance?
For the sake of equity,fairness and justice,Justice Inyang Ekwo should let
the Abacha family keep their fucking inheritance.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islmic Hegemony!!

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