Comment on Ortom survives armed bandits’ attack, fingers Fulani group by THE NOON

Is too early to jumped to conclusion on this attack by presenting yourself as police IPO at the same time as a Judge of his own case in a court of public imagination so when does Fulani’s Herdman’s became Fulani’s bandits? The Media had differentiated Book Haram from Fulani’s Herdman’s and also the current armed bandits these are all criminalities in what ever names but the sensitive of the general insecurities of lives and properties in Nigeria today remained the maliciously allowed the ugly situations to takes tribal and religious dimension by unjustifiable labeled a tribe or religion as criminal of which even the court procedure never called a suspect criminal until convicted by court of competent jurisdiction so can this type of society be called an educated society?. Is that how to thank God for surviving an attacked as a true Christian and a Governor? The recent attacked of Former Governor of Benue elder Brother that led to his death is it linked to Fulani’s Herdman’s- bandit? Benue State has long time communal land dispute, Cultism clash and political killing which all Nigerians knew about so why now manipulate everything maliciously against Fulani integrity?. As a Democratic leader The Governor is expected to be democratic by understanding the fact that this ugly security situation that continue labelled Fulani’s as criminal will sure come to past so which tribe is next? Scripturally there are only two people in the world Good People and Evil people while these categories of people exist in all tribes that is why in achieving natural justice which court procedure embraced avoided to allowed religious or tribal matters to hindered justice without labelled any tribe as criminal. The Governor will very soon apologized to Fulani’s when the security situation abruptly take another dimension which Nigerians will realized the solutions is to Come Together ( WAZOBIA) to combat Evil people as the only scripturally, socially and politically solution which is an obligations of every patriotic Nigerian.

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