Comment on Osinbajo lists gains of border closure, calls for endurance by THE NOON

The closure of Nigeria Borders has political gain because it was more political that is why politicians are commending the closure while trying to convinced peoples for it remained a shameful action because the impression that the closure of Nigeria border would stop smuggling of an agricultural produces was a direct assault to the efforts of Nigerian custom which mean contraband items pass through borders not really smuggled through illegal route so the continue praising the closure of Nigeria borders remained continue ridicule of the custom because smuggling is globally acceptable not through borders. The vice President Osinbajo only promoted the political gain of baseless closure of Nigeria borders on an unwarranted grounds of achieving market for agricultural purpose however the Vice president and other so called politicians in Nigeria should firstly convinced the world areas of agriculture which the country is self sufficient and self reliance or are there policies and programs of Federal government either short term or medium term or long term agricultural goals of attaining self sufficiency in major agricultural production?. If countries like China, Germany, France and Japan could be known for key areas of being self sufficiency in major areas of industrialization so what will happened if a Nigerian export automobile like (innossson) to Japan or Germany? Is it going to be marketable there even without closure of their borders or without an embargo on it?. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo should answer these fundamental questions: How many commercial farmers does Nigeria have? How many metric tonnes of agricultural produces Nigeria population needed to survived annually? And does FG policies and programs on agricultural sector of the economy pursue goals to attained self sufficiency in agricultural production?. The closure of Nigeria borders remained a mere politics of doom and lacked of economy direction where its questions the education of Nigerian Democratic leaders as meaningless since they failed to proffered meaningful solution to socioeconomy, security and well-being of people or is education all about enjoying the luxuries of an elected office?

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