Comment on Our successes in insurgency fight have restored Nigeria’s pride, says Buhari by THE NOON

When would Nigeria abandoned and discredited its political culture of celebrating inputs with its notions of 21st century mental slavery that neither add value to governance nor demonstrated success as well guaranteed Democratic philosophy of what accountability is all about in a cleared difference from propaganda?. A cleared lessons from China novel corona virus outbreak and global significance success story compared to Nigerian approach to societal problems, China built hospital in 8days without official launched or any barbaric celebration or inauguration just to ensure its proffered solutions, China turned many centre to hospitals without resulted to National controversy of which their approach gave its government global commendation therefore the so called procurement of fighter aircraft without meaningful improvement in the welfare of armed forces can only be defined as one step forward and 99 steps backwards as far as security is concerns however President Muhammadu Buhari should stop deluding Himself by saying Nigerians believed in His government Because Nigerians neither believed in APC nor APC government But only believed in BABA BUHARI which was demonstrated in 2015 and 2019 election victories of President Buhari.

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