Comment on PDP biggest obstacle to good governance –Presidency by THE NOON

Is Garba Shehu speaking for Presidency or APC? There was justification for PDP fair comment on this issue because Democratically President Muhammadu Buhari remained Nigerian President by virtue of His Oath of office and oath of allegiance so Garba Shehu was a busybody on this matter. Does Democratic political parties really exist in Nigeria? Since Nigerian political culture moralised and legalise defection, decamping and jumping of members from one party to another in a multiple parties systems of democracy where parties are mere business enterprises with the objective of making money so in these barbaric political culture what does Garba Shehu mean with Good Governance? Because there are no different between PDP and APC as a parties of which the political culture of defection and decamping had made Nigerian politician’s United by corruption, United by abused of power and office, United by selfishness and greediness so does defected and decamped PDP members not constituted more than 50% of APC towards 2019 general elections that gives President Buhari election victory? While many confessed they voted for President Buhari and not APC because of the love they had for him. Garba shehu cannot deceived Many Nigerians that openly showed their love for President buhari and now facing difference disappointment in his administration in many ways.

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