Comment on PDP ready to retake South-West in 2023 – Okorie by THE NOON

Over 20years of democracy in Nigeria the country political atmosphere still unable to have a viable and reliable democratic political parties, the only so called political parties were mere business enterprises, political pressure groups, political busybodies, political activism and political chameleon where their ideology only revealed their selfish motives of what they really wanted to gained from government not really what they wanted to do or sacrifices for their country so are the often internal dispute amongst members of a political parties drives by patriotism? How many time members of a political parties fight themselves because their government failed to guaranteed stable power supply, meaningful standard of living of the citizens, viable infrastructure that sustained economy prosperity and adequate security of lives and properties of teeming defenceless Nigerians however if democracy failed to existed in the smallest unit of its structure and its often raised questions of there was no internal democracy in political parties level this obviously indicated democracy does not really existed at all for the past 20years in Nigeria what really exist are demonstration of foolishness in the name of democracy. Is there really a political parties in Nigeria? Since the political culture legalised and moralized all types of defections, jumping and moving of party members from one political parties to another while these barbaric political culture celebrated defected members in the media as if it mean election victory of which the people only enjoyed difference socioeconomic and security hardships as dividend of democracy and the entire political atmosphere made it difficult to differentiate PDP from APC so would 2023 general election be a matter of PDP VS APC or Democratic revolution VS Barbaric Political culture and its unpatriotic political ideology

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