Comment on Persecution: US sowing seed of religious mistrust in Nigeria –FG by Tony

The US knows that Buhari has already sown the religious seed of mistrust in Nigeria putting his actions against the Christians into consideration since 2015. There is a standing order to wipe out the Christians in the northern part of Nigeria. Southern Kaduna is a heart breaking case. Rescuing the Muslims held by Boko Haram and leaving the Christians behind. Leah Sharibu for example. Rehabilitating the Boko Haram terrorists captured by the nigerian army , enlisting them in the army and posting them to states that are predominantly Christians to unleash mayhem to the non Muslims. Favouring the Muslims in his appointments for sensitive positions in the federal establishments.
Check out the list of the alleged fraudsters arrested and handed over to the FBI by Buhari . All are Christians while the Muslims on the list were arrested , tried and granted bail in Nigeria.

Source: news

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