Comment on Ploy to intimidate north -Miyetti Allah by Dr Uche Kalu

The message that the Fulanis are nomore Nigerians than the Afrikaans
(Boers) are South Africans, seems to have been lost to the National
President of MACBAN, Alhaji Bello Bodejo and his National Secretary and
Fulani kinsman, Alhaji Alhasan Saleh.
The Neo-Colonilst Fulani Leaders are hereby called upon to immediately
dismantle their Sultanate of Sokoto,which is virtually a parallel Islamic
Republic within our supposedly Commonwealth Republic of Nigeria.
They must also abrogate their fucking imposition of Sharia upon us
non-muslims and also pull our country out of our OIC,C8 and C15
The failure of the Aboki Leadership to comply with the above demands,
might lead to our Indigenous Leaders of SMBLF to bring our case before
the ICC at the Hague in the Netherland.
Oh yes indeed!
Our Leaders of SMBLF will be seeking for a permanent solution for us
native Nigerians at the ICC, because the basis for our toggetherness with the
alien barbaric,bellicose and murderous Neo-Colonialist Nilotic Troglodytes,
the so called Fulani is no longer there.
Like in India,we shall excise the North East and North West from the rest of
the countrs as an Islamic Republic of the Sultanate of Sokoto for the muslims,
while the rest will remain a Secular Commonwealth Republic of Nigeria,
where Christian,pagans and other Religious Groups can live in harmony.
That was the plan of the late Major Gideon Orkar and his late unsung
heroes , which was scuttled by the Igbo/Fulani mongrel Reprobate,
General Ike Omar Sanda Nwachukwu.
Watch out Aboki!
The ongoing EndSARS Protest is just a tip of the iceberg of what is
ahead for the alien Neo – Colonialist Fulani power-that- be in the country.
Enough is enough ojare.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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