Comment on Poverty endemic in LGAs –FG by THE NOON

Until the plutocratic ideology that drives Nigerian barbaric political culture been totally abolished before poverty and its often characteristics be truly end because democracy drives by plutocracy always created a society where money ruled everything while in these situations cases of desperate to questionably rich would become the desires of people at all ages, where ritual killing and all kinds of criminalities would become order of the day just because the political culture had created a mentality that with money all things are possible of which a plutocratic political culture always keep people in poverty bondages and will never have meaningful solutions to poverty problems because its curiously wanted people to continually remained poor.
How could a country that has 14 richest people in Africa still has over hundred million extreme poor people out of two hundred million?
How could a country that has many natural resources still has teeming unemployed people? Therefore what is Nigeria global status? Has richest people and still has alarming percentage of extreme poor people I.e neither rich nor poor is that a reasonable status? The Nigeria society and its so called Democratic leadership design the country to be poor so there will never be a solution to poverty in the country.

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