Comment on Poverty fueling Boko Haram, al-Qaeda attacks in North East, others –Ghanaian President by Ezekiel Okeke

The ongoing Revolution War under the natives Disintegrated Republics is for end of fulani caliphate with its emirates.

The ongoing Revolution War in the Sahel countries etc. are for liberation of Africa from the bondage of Anglo-America with their slaves.

Fulani caliphate with its emirates is behind ruined existence of this territory natives.

Anglo-America with their slaves are behind ruined existence of Africans.

The fraud nickname Nigeria has fallen and gone forever- it is Yugoslavia of Africa. The six geopolitical zones are sovereign states.

All governments on African Soil which are puppets of vanquished fallen Anglo-America with their slaves must go down- either way. This is 21st century world of Multipolar international order in which Africa exist under Southern Countries Union.

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