Comment on Presidency to Nigerians: Accept Pantami’s apologies by Ochendo

Before we begin the politics, mr pantami has not shed light on direct accusations against him relating to extrajudicial killings(or outright murder) driven by religious protectionism.can a criminal act as weighty as conscious actions leading to loss of life be excused on youthful exuberance?the unfortunate thing about governments in nigeria is that they have their own people and defend them even in the face of guilt.when pantami was on the pulpit he produced an army of where are these adherents?terrorists??extremists??jihadists??the allegations against this man should be investigated if not captured in the DSS discreet report prior to his appointment.there are many pantamis among the moslem elites in and out government.bala mohammed is a pantami.sometime ago there was echo about the religious activities of sanusi during his youth.perhaps in few years time shekau will be more mature and indeed ‘a born again’ and will apologize.hopefully,he will and there we line up of supporters and campaigners for his forgiveness.

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