Comment on President’s close associate, captain Din, opens up: Elite fighting Buhari to escape justice on looted funds by THE NOON

Apparently Captain Din answers to many National issues in these interview presented him as a Co-National APC Chairman because his motive were in total violation of Democratic doctrines while his intention abused the Democratic principles of freedom of choice and right to choose a leader without fear, favour and sentiment in a Democratic system moreover Captain Din intention showed a cleared transferred of malice to those unnamed elites because these elites inquestion are not superior than legal system and judicial process of prosecuting suspected corrupt Nigerians as well not superior than rules of law so does openly voted against reelection of President Buhari mean they are fighting back corruption? Or are these elites facing corruption related trial or been convicted?. The truth which Captain Din failed to understand because he was ruled by love of President Buhari made him not to realizes that those elites inquestion were ruled by love of Nigeria because they are disappointed from the way Buhari administration handle general security and economy matters which made lives difficult to Nigerians despite he has military background of which this background is expected to allowed his government to proffered meaningful solution to internal security challenges while his experience as former head of States put an unprecedented expectation to Nigerians that President buhari was Messiah which the ordeal Nigerians undergo made them to know he is not. The political arithmetic of Captain Din in this interview can only be defined as a tale of an unknown Soldier missing in Democratic battle of interest.

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