Comment on Pressure mounts on FG to extradite Kanu by Emeka Aku

Idiots! Why is it that my people can never unite? Igbo politicians sell their souls for a porridge of yam while aboriginal movements that are supposed to have a common interest in their tribe fight each other. Do you wonder why some politicians from North say if they had known that the Igbo would sell out on their brother they would not have fired a shot in the Biafran war. Go ahead, fight your brother, destroy your collective future while trying to please your slave masters. Ohanaeze politicized. Wike, Kalu, Obiano, Ekwerenmadu, IPOB MASSOB are you listening? What a shame! Since 1999 all Igbo politicians have gone solo to either ascend a position or make money while the Igbo collective interest suffer. Meanwhile, Owerri to Okigwe road remains the only federal road untouched by the government since 1960 while the transportation minister, an Igbo man, builds a rail road from West to North! When will you remember that Igwe bu ike! (their is strength in numbers). You have gone solo for 21 years, have you made it to the presidency? Keep doing the same thing the same way and you will be completely side-lined starting 2023. Chiai, ndo!

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