Comment on Proponents of revolution, enemies of Nigeria –APC by Ebuka Amaechi

Non-Violent Revolution aimed at Expreens the Electorates disencha-ntmentt wt the Policies of the Govts ib Power. is Accepted & has taken place in many Countries. Includn some African Nations,with the aim of lettn the Govt know the feelns of the Citizenry,With a view to Change those Policies that were Anti-Masses.Therefore for,the APC led Fed Govt Officials to regard those Nigerians as,’ The real enemies of Nigeria,Is Un- Democratic & Akin to Pot calling Kettle Black.Since those in Govt & in leadership Positions ,should realise that they dont & will never live in Astra World, But in Naija. Though their present Transcient positions, ironically made the Officials to ve false belief that they are more Nigerians than other Patriots, experienced & well meaning Nigerian Masses,Conseq-uently,I urge Niferians,who found themselves in positions of Autho-rities to realise that No Condition is Permanent in this Vanitious World , !

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