Comment on Proposed vigilante group: Steer clear of Igboland, Ohanaeze, IPOB, MASSOB warn Miyetti Allah by Alain

It is unfortunate that this people are still taking us for granted. The third world war is near. All the Muslim must accept it with gladness that Jesus Christ is the Lord and no one cometh to the Father except through Jesus Christ our Lord. I called out the Muslims to warn against trying to exalt Muhammed above their savior Jesus Christ the Lord. The dead teachings under islamizing the christain faith cannot change this word, Jesus Christ is the Lord. It is written in the Bible that God who made heaven and earth gave power only to the church. There is NO
power in the mosque.The earlier the so-called blood suckers religion accept that, there is no power in the mosque the better they stop killings God’s own. You can’t blackmail your maker only to exalt uthman Dan fadio excessive drug intakes from pharoahs ashes. All of the Muslim brotherhood who say there’s no God while painting God’s word as uthman Dan fadio exaggeration will soon be visited by our Lord Jesus. It is time for the christains to remain in their first call position because whether they like it or not, Jesus is the Lord period. They can’t stand in the place of God, so the killings and burning of anyone from the Christian kingdom will never clean the word Jesus Christ the Lord, more powerful than Muhammed. This is no longer Biafra in the lead. This is now Christian vs Muslim in contest/fight of world power which clearly states above that, the third world war is near. Take up your tambourines and harps the battle has begun.

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