Comment on Radio Biafra: Uwazuruike slams IPOB leader, Kanu by Dr Uche Kalu

Mazi Uwazuruike is indeed an expired old warior,who has outlived his days of
He must now be compelled to groom and handover power to one of our Millennials.
He does indeed come across now as an appeaser.
Well, according to Sir Wiston Churchill an appeaser ((like Mazi Uwazuruike in this
context) is a man, who is feeding a man eating crocodile hoping that the crocodile
will eat him last.
The basic fact of the matter here is that Islam unlike other world Religions namely;
Buddhism,Christianity, Confucianism,Hinduism, Judaism,Taois, Ziriastruabuism
et al,is an evil and indeed a very wicked Religion that has no place in our current
21st Century ,except in the so called Islamic Republics.
IsIam is simply a crack pot Religion of peace and muslims are blood-hounds.Lol!!!
Thus, there is no peace in almost all Islamic countries across the globe today.
There exist currently in this country a Hobbessian State of Nature solely because
of the followers of the Religion Prophet Mohammed,so called Islam.

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