Comment on Real estate company renews commitment to monthly rent plan  by AZZO

This is why the Nigeria Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (an institution duley recognised by Federal Government) is loosing grounds in the area of property management and valuation in the country. The institution have instead, it appears, busied itself with increasing its members rank and profile whom have continously been silent and inactive in the sector. See the explanation given here by this Rentsmallsmall quack firm on agency and legal fees – where and what is the explanation on the fees with achieving essentially ‘Base rent’? Nothing is said as per whether they intend to make the rent an ‘all inclusive’ base rent or not – nothing is said on how they intend to regulate the basic economic mechanisms of demand & supply. Unfortunately this hollow interview with vague and myopic opinion is sold to members of the public irrespective of the fact that we have trained and registered professionals whose responsibility it is to better advise the public in this area of work and livelihood in the country. Really very sad.

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