Comment on Remove polling units from homes of traditional rulers, politicians, BON tells INEC by THE NOON

How many time the country would amended its electoral act in a decade?. Definitely there was something wrong with Nigerian political culture because the often amendment of an electoral law confirmed the reality of general political instabilities that continually hindered Democratic development of which all the past records of the amendment neither redressed major factors of preelection, election and post election violence nor addressed the barbaric spirits that turned politics to business affairs and only means to be questionably wealthy nor guaranteed credible and globally acceptable election but only entertain key areas that treated symptoms of a sickness of a society without diagnosed its diseases which probably recorded some success in achieving free and fair election but never a credible election. This unwarranted political instabilities characterized the uncountable electoral cases in court while the nature of these cases always questioned credibility of election in Nigeria so would amendment of electoral law without address political instabilities be a Democratic solutions?.

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