Comment on Rep praises Oshiomhole, chides govs plotting his fall by THE NOON

Nigerians that followed all political records clearly known how many National Chairman The PDP produced since 1999 and at the same time understand the crisis and circumstances that removed them from offices of which the political lessons that surrounded these crisis remained what made PDP to be unchangeable by Name, Logo, Manifesto and political origin. Hon Longgap was only a busybody on this matter because does he thinks a carmelum party that was just Four (4) yrs old called APC is free from internal crisis that will test its acclaimed ruling party? Or does an individual inevitable political crisis in the party will not test the leadership competency of The party Chairman? If Comrades Oshiomahole assisted you to become honorable does Nigeria that mean he was a Saints as far as politics is concerns? Hon. Longgap what really justified those alleged Oshiomhole enemies as President Buharii enemies? Why trying to labeled these people as President Buhari enemies in a manner that questions your emergence at party level as suspicious moreover why not allowed Comrades Oshiomhole to carry his Cross by himself?. These nature of crisis in APC show that the party was already dead and remained in matuary till 2023 for its final burial.

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