Comment on Reps probe electoral violence during Kogi, Bayelsa governorship poll by THE NOON

What really happened to the post election violence of 2011, 2015 and recent 2019 general election panels? In the reports of 2011 post election violence there were issues raised concerning activities of some political parties and its members which directly triggered election and post election violence, are they been convicted? Unarguably the proposed probe of the Kogi and Bayesa election violence by the legislature without reflecting on why the previous probes and reports failed to prevented future occurrence as well failed to changed the political mentalities of Nigerians showed that the legislature are democratically incompetent to serve the country on that capacity moreover election would always remained an armeggedon in Nigeria since its polical culture turned politics to business affairs and easy means to be questionably wealthy of which these barbaric notions and its tribals, religion and regional sentiment in the processes of producing a candidate at party levels also confirmed that democracy not really compatible with a sicked society like Nigeria. The simple analysis of Nigeria political culture started from the type of political and Democratic orientation of Nigerian’s, The parties ideology of producing a candidate, The multi party system, The godfatherlism where every former Governors automatically becomes godfather of their respected States, The definition of dividend of democracy and above all the culture of selfishness that directly violated constitutionality in opened doors for abused of office and powers these together defined Nigerian’s political cultures and will continued promote all forms of violence, civil unrest and total lawlessness in an atmosphere of kill and destroy political affairs.

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