Comment on Resign now or be impeached, Mbaka warns Buhari by THE NOON

The failure of many religious leaders and many religious related association in Nigeria to practically understand what really a secular state is all about always made religious to shamefully digress from primary teaching of the scriptures by turned the altar to a platform for political campaign, canvases for a candidates in an election and openly supporting a candidates by using the altar in order to woo worshippers for a political party or a candidature, these had gradually changed the position of religious in a society to a mere subsidiary of a political parties which made it cleared that The Almighty GOD is angry with religious leaders especially Rev. Father Mbaka and will soon use HIS ANGELS to impeached them together shamefully from the altar because they are directly the evil behind Nigeria security challenges. Why are the Nigerian religious related association are more curious about governance than using scriptures to better the society? Why are the places of worships turned to where politicians express their political ambition in the name of a petition to GOD? IS GOD REALLY HAPPY WITH RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES IN NIGERIA? Or is the often crisis between Christianity and Islam reflected true teaching of the scriptures? Or is mere fight which its motives are political while its intention are conflict of political benefit so What is a Secular State? How Nigeria will rule out religious interest in its barbaric political culture?.

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