Comment on Restructuring won’t solve all Nigeria’s problems -Okoro by THE NOON

The failure of Nigerians to ponder on the otherwise of how corruption had hindered socioeconomic development of the country which the political culture systemically promoted and its notions that legalized what is illegal and moralised what is immoral confirmed the fact that until Nigerians emancipated themselves from mental slavery by realizes the fact that these Democratically elected leaders are united by corruption while the follower’s are united by poverty so the undemocratic purpose of voting for these leaders which based on tribal, religion and regional sentiment does it really matters to them when in office? However neither destruction of government nor true federalism solved the problems democratically only restructures of mentality can democratically allowed people to know the real causes of their suffering moreover these united corrupt leaders individually has money that can build 2nd Niger Bridge, has money that can removed Nigerians from abject poverty and has money that can solve power and water problems so are Nigerians thinking in this direction?

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