Comment on Restructuring’ll end insecurity, boost economy –Obi by THE NOON

Apparently there is a Structure that is why there are calling for Restructuring so what actually are deficiency of the Structure inquestion which Restructuring would be a solution.
Those past Democratic Leaders in all capacities as Executives, Legislators at States and federal levels since 1999 should Restructured their minds, Restructured their faculty of reasoning in order to vividly let Nigerians understand that their abused of powers and abused of office when they were in office remained the major problems of the Structure not really the structure itself while their selfish political ideology of recycle themselves from one elected office to another or to appointed office made it cleared that truely the structure was not really the problems but the operators of the structure because why are many Former Governors and Legislators were facing economy and financial offences? while some were convicted therefore if The Structure eventually Restructured and the operators are not Restructured I.e repented from abused of powers and abused of office that opened doors for corruption does clamouring for Restructuring ended problems or add to the general problems?.

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