Comment on Result transmission tops new Electoral Bill by THE NOON

How many time an electoral act be amended in just 10yrs?. Is the electoral laws really the problems or the barbaric political culture and its notions that promotes tribals, religions and regional sentiment in the process of producing a candidate at party levels while the multi parties systems and its plutocratic ideology that turned politics to business affairs and easy way to be questionably wealthy? Amending electoral act in a society where politics was defined as business affairs and democracy was defined as government of the wealthiest so no amounts of amendment would redress the political situations until politics and democracy are redefined. It is expected of the National Assembly to gives priorities for the constitutional Independent of INEC where the constitutional power to appoint INEC chairman should be given to Chief Justice of Nigeria achieving these would give the electoral body political independent and neutrality in ensure preelection, election and post election violence because the office of the CJN would also known the fact that if an election free, fair but not credible and globally not acceptable the judiciary will be burdens with teeming electoral cases moreover the pursue of healthy and friendly democracy in an atmosphere of peaceful political society where the sense of compatriots would prevailed over senses of tribal, religions and regional sentiment of which achieving these would foster unity of purpose in defending our honor and glory as people therefore the legislature should know that until these are achieved failure to achieved will always rendered their efforts to amend electoral act a futility because failed to addressed the political and Democratic mentalities of the society.

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