Comment on Return of looted artefacts: Edo Muslims back Oba of Benin to take custody by THE NOON

These obviously remained another reasons for Nigerians as people and again a moral necessity to understand that the secret of developed countries in the world historically shown they RESTRUCTURED their political mentalities in a manner that unfolded continues learning from all political challenges that may probably aided abused of office and abused of powers therefore those calling for restructured of government should admitted the fact that if the government is restructured defiantly Angels will come down to ruled not Nigerians because if Nigerians restructured their political mentalities they will know that the Traditional institutions deserved a chapter in the constitution in order to guaranteed true separation of power between the Monarchy and the executive where the Traditional institutions as custodian of culture, traditional values as well custodian of artifacts have independence financial responsibility on their key areas of jurisdictions without fear or favor therefore since the Traditional institutions does not have constitutional roles that backed their areas of jurisdictions Oba of Benin can never be a custodian of those historical return artifacts because the Executive Governors has constitutional powers over traditional rulers which records showed that they had been abused in disrespectful manners against the integrities and reputation of traditional rulers since 1999

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