Comment on Rochas Okorocha exclusive: Insecurity: Buhari is overwhelmed by THE NOON

In what ways does the out of schools children practically justified the current ugly security challenges? Or is there cogent proof that the percentages of out of schools children are the direct criminal involved in banditry, terrorism and kidnaping?. If Nigeria could reflected from where it is coming from politically, economically and culturally Nigerian’s will absolutely disagreed with Sen. Rochas Okorocha for hypocritically alleged out of schools ad justification for crimes and criminality so where was Mr Rocha’s in an era when business men and women including traders would left their goods outside for a buyers that would come takes goods and left the money there and nobody will steal either the money or the goods, and era where many Nigerian’s enjoyed night traveling without experience armed robbery and again where was Mr Rocha’s in an era when there was only Nigerian Police as security agent and the annual crime rates was very low?. Unarguably 90% of crime and criminality in any names are caused directly or indirectly by the so called educated peoples which made it cleared that out of schools can never be an excuse however those of the hypocritical opinion of alleged out of schools as reasons should opened their eyes and minds by checking past records in the EFCC, are the convicted Governors for financial crime uneducated? Or the senators, top government officials and ministers facing various financial crime uneducated too?. What about Nigerian’s that indulged in cybercrime are they uneducated too?. At this juncture of general insecurities of lives and properties the only philosophical step is first ask ourselves Why is crimes rates keep increasing? Why is criminality continue taking difference barbaric dimensions especially on the sensitive lines of tribal, religion and region?. Until there are answers for these questions creating difference security agencies in any names are mere futility and a total aggravation of the already ugly security situations which is happening now in the country. The step expected of government at all levels to take is How to reduced crimes rates in the society which Family and religious groups will play a major roles in achieving crimes reduction while government should gives priorities to crimes prevention in an innovative ways that will assured public in trusting police.

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