Comment on Ruga: Arrest Miyetti Allah leaders now –Ortom tells police by DR Uche Kalu

Governor Samuel Ortom’s call for the arrest of the leaders of MACBAN is of course, quite over due.
The last week’s outbursts and the threats of the National President of Miyetti Allah
Kautal Hore (MACBAN),Mallam Abdullahi Bodejo against Southern Governors,must not
be ignored and taken as a mere rantings of a misguided lone Fulani.
Not long ago,the National Secretary of that same MACBAN, Alhjaji Sleh Al-Hassn
arrogantly thus declared,” The land of all Nigeria belong to the Fulanis.And we ask all the
Fulanis living in all West Africa to come and help us conquer Nigeria.
We have accumulated large amount of money and weapons for this war etc…..”
As soon as the Chief (OBJ) raised his alarum bell over the ongoing Fulanization and Islamization of our fatherland,Alhaji Saleh AL-Hassan quickly did call upon President
Buhari to order an immediate arrest of the Chief.
Under normal circumstances ,the current Grand Patron of the MACBAN,President Muhammadu Buhari , ought to have called the Leadership of MACBAN to order by now or even go furtgher to designate the Organisation as a Terrorist Group , of which indeed its Herdsmen are.
It is simply mind boggling why the IGP , Mallam Mohmmed Adamu and his Forces, the Police have remained noncommital vis-a-vis the rampaging activities of MACBAN’s Fulani Herdsmen and Militias , coupled with their ongoing daily pogroms and ethnic cleansings of Native Nigerians from their ancestral lands, which do border on incipient genoccide.
True Nigerian Patriots and also well-meaning Nigerians must all rally round in support Chief Samuel Ortom in order to bring pressures to bear upon thee power-that- be in the polity .
Something gotta be done and quickly too , about the ongoing threats and actions of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore in the country before it culminate into a full blown civil war.

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