Comment on Ruga: Good programme but politicised -Tsav by Dr Uche kalu

Mallam Abubakar Tsav’s analysis of the Ruga Brouhaha is simply a clinch
nonsense and an utter hogwash.
According to him,Ruga are settlements for herders and the so called herders
are indeed MACBAN’s Fulani Herdsmen and Militias ,who have been
rampaging all over the country since Mallam Muhammadu Buhari took over the Presidency in 2015.
One might be tempted to ask Mallam Tsav why the Rugas are not created in the lands of the Fulanis?
The answer to the above question directed to Chief Abubakar Tsav is of course, quite obvious.
The Fulanis are indeed landless nomadic aliens sojourners here in our fatherland.
As a matter of fact,this Ruga of a thing is nomore than a part of perfidious shenanigans of the Neo-Colonialist alien Fulanis of the Sultanate of Sokoto
to Fulanize and Islamize our fatherland.
The alien Neo-Colonialist Fulanis have currently taken over all the three Branches of our Federal Government, they also head all the Institutions in the country and now,they are out to use Ruga as a ruse to take over our ancestral lands.
I wonder what is the take of Mallam Abubakar Tsav on the declaration of
one the Chieftains of MACBAN,Alhaji Saleh Al-Hassan? The Alhaji went out
of his way to thus decclare, qoute,” The land of all Nigeria belong to the Fulanis.And we ask all Fulanis living in West Africa to come and help us
conqquer Nigeria.We have accumulated large amounts of money and weapons for this war etc…,unquote.
Come off it,Mallam Tsav! The Fulanis are indeed not only on Jihad against
us Indigenous Nigerians.They are really on a genocidal camapaign of ”Futahat” against us native Nigerians.
Nonetheless,according to the Defence Minister, Brig- Gen.(Retd) Mansur Dan Ali,” It is either our lands or our blood.” do
He and his Minister of Interior Counterpart, Lt-Gen. Abdulrahman Bello
Dambazau, have warned us Nigerians,that the Nigerian Army and the
Police are on a standing order from the Presidency, to aid the MACBAN’s Herdsmen and Militias to exercise their right of passage all over the country, which is accorded them by ECOWAS Protocol.
In order words,the ongoing daily pogroms in the Middle Belt, couple with ethnic cleansing of Indigenous Nigerians from their ancestral lands which do border on incipient genocide, have tactical support of President Buhari’s APC led Federal Government.
” Dan boroba Mallam Abubakar Tsav !” You surely goofed about Ruga jare.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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