Comment on Ruga: Good programme but politicised -Tsav by Ochendo

Mr Tsav,I do appreciate your objectivity on national issues but on this subject you have goofed.ranch or ranching is not the same as ruga.ranch as an English word has no tribe attached to is a large scale location for livestock farming(not only cattle) and not for a particular tribe(but any intended farmer).the ruga concept is already restricted by name and meaning.why settlement for Fulani herders???why??following the antecedents of the Fulani people,no other tribe/state would risk such accommodation and that is the crux of the matter.we should also know that ranch established by government cannot be free.the users/farmers should pay royalty/tax/fees,etc and should be under a certain government agency for registration of users and other control.on this premise,there is no fulanisation,igbonisation,yorubanisation, person or group would claim or have psychological ownership of such location unlike the Ruga initiative.indeed,the federal government politicised the project by name and manner of implementation.the real motive is any state(or even local government) can establish ranches on their own terms.largescale livestock farmers can also establish private/commercial ranches.but if we had applied the law when and where a cattle herder deploys the cattles in farm lands,watch them eat up/destroy the crops and in turn kill the farmer for challenging them the situation would’nt have degenerated.the law and law enforcement agencies looked the other way and in some cases arrest/prosecute the offended farmers for defensive actions.the matter is now worse with the infiltration of foreign herders.

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