Comment on Ruga: Listen to Nigerians, Iwuanyanwu tells FG by Alain

Whoever is in Aso Rock now as Nigerian President is a cow and nothing but an animal. The Fulanis cooks should come out openly and say lets divide this Nigeria for God sake. They should stop pretending and say it. I’m sure they have gotten what they wanted, so let them say it. Their continuous song for war shows that they are even tired of this one Nigeria, so let them come out openly to say it. I think, maybe they are satisfied with what they have gotten. They should be free to say it or stay away, but the won’t say it because their life style in loneliness remains the world nightmare as no normal human beings out side their race would want to adopt a fulani as a child attached to his or her own holy name. They lost out and they must accept it. Stupid set of people wandering all the desert in search of what, nothing, but loneliness and their evil mall-am.

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