Comment on Ruga: Ohanaeze, Afenifere fault PDP BoT chairman by Peter Okeke

Unless they are not Nigerians, Fulani’s have a traditional settlement, a permanent place called their own in Nigeria like other tribes. Is RUGA settlement programme really what it is or a stealthy design by the government to create pockets of settlements in all the state for the Fulani where they can expand, thrive and dominate the host communities. The PDP Bot chairman mentioned severally about spate of crimes like kidnapping and others as if acceptance of RUGA would make them disappear. The issue of kidnapping should not be associated with the quest for RUGA or should it? Government interest in the Ruga program that should be the concern of private business owners is raising serious concern in terms of its order of priority in handling pressing economic, political, and social issues confronting the country, especially its security challenges. Maybe RUGA program is the key to the security and economic challenges of the country in which case a more detailed intent and purposes should be exposed to the citizens.

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