Comment on RUGA:  Why farmers, herders crisis persist -Don by THE NOON

Ruga or not ruga the pivotal issues remained the failure of Federal Government to allowed agricultural sector of the economy to enjoy the same monopoly the oil and gas sector enjoyed however only if agricultural sector of the economy enjoyed 95% monopoly where agricultural programs and policies at all levels of government promote key agricultural potentials of Nigeria regionally, at state and local govt levels while policies and programs that integrated farmers and herders as business partner be given priority land will never be a problems because the commercial farming activities are already a long terms development so I absolutely disagreed with Pro. Alao on raising land matter as subject of dispute because if China could celebrated its 70yrs of becoming PRC where its success story centre on monumental development in key areas of which agriculture play many roles so why land matter failed to divided farmers and herders but rather its united them as business partners? There many economy lessons for Nigerians to derived from the success story of China moreover monopolized agricultural sectors of the economy will be a turning point of economy diversification in a ways that will make agriculture a real business that will removed millions of Nigerians from poverty as well guaranteed food security where self sufficiency and self reliance in rice production will created competition in local market and these would totally spoiled the market of rice smugglers than the closure of the borders or does the smugglers use the borders? Is Nigeria self sufficiency in rice production?. Undoubtedly the monopoly would takes Nigeria to the era before the advent of Oil where agriculture remained the identity of Nigeria

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