Comment on …Sack of Osinbajo’s aides unjustifiable – Afenifere, Ohanaeze by THE NOON

Until Nigerians acknowledged the fact that its barbaric political culture remained Major obstacles to Democratic development where tribal, religion and regional sentiment be abolished while good governance should be promoted in an atmosphere of unity and faith, peace and progress in making democracy to be healthy, friendly and national integration. The alleged sacked of Vice President Osinbanjo aides should democratically not be a subject of Yoruba VS Hausa or North Vs South it should purely be a matter of APC as ruling party of which the position of Afenifere on these matter was clearly busybody and a symptoms of a sickness of a society which runs counter to what democracy is all about because questioning the motive of the Presidency on these matter raised questions of, Is afenifere a registered political party or Pressure group or human right advocate? These so called sociocultural groups in Nigeria are busybodies groups of which their joblessness had turned them to a mere puppets of disintegration while these required that their activities should be statutorily regulated in the interest of peaceful and friendly political atmosphere moreover attaining matured, friendly and healthy democracy political parties structure should lay a foundation that promote National integration in a Democratic manner that systemically unite people and philosophically abolished religion, tribal and regional sentiment in a political culture however failure to regulates the undemocratic and unpatriotic activities of the so called idled brains and busybodies in the name of sociocultural groups will soon created what can be called ( Democratic coup) where tribal government will be defined as good governance and people would see tribalism as political tools of destruction. THE NOON always protect and defend the Legacies of The Living Legend Yesterday, Today and Forever Gen.IBB whom sacrifices, legacies and leadership philosophy remained what keep Nigerians together and united by now. God Bless The Emperor of National integration and Champion of Peace and Unity in the history of Nigeria

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