Comment on S’East govs unveil Ebubeagu joint security outfit to fight crime by Dr Uche Kalu

The call by the Aro-Uzo Quisling, David Nwa Umahi of Ebony State for
a peaceful coexistence between farmers and herders in the South East
does indeed stink to high heavens.
Come to think about that,the so called herders are landless but also alien
Fualnis all over the country, of which our South East is not an exception.
If open grazing is in reality banned in the South East,where does
Governor Nwa Umahi expect the landless alien Fulani cattle drivers to
herd their fucking cattle in the South East in order to coexist with the
Indigenous Igbo Framers in peace?
Besides,every piece of our Alaigbo is indeed a farmland to start with.
But why has the gobbledygook Ebube Agu ,which now has replaced
our previous Ije Agu, that was jettisoned by David Nwa Umahi and his
fellow treacherous Igbo Governors, for the IGP Mohammed Abubakar
Adamu’s dubious Joint Security Network with Miyetti Allah Vigilantes,
still has the word joint, attached to it?
Why can’t those Igbo Reprobates; David Nwa Umahi,his cahoots and cohorts
simply borrow a leaf from the Noble Ibom people of Afikpo,by banning the
sellings and consumptions of Nama beef in the South East?
The Ibom Afikpos brought a permanent peace to their domain by their
consumptions of Efi Igbo beef, ”anu aturu,ewu,ezi na okuko ” only.
Why can’t those bloody fucking Igbo Khakis and Wawa Igbos emulate their
brave, noble and patriotic Biafran Ibom Igbos of Afikpo?
Enough is enough!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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