Comment on Security: Osinbajo inaugurates 60 vans, 50 motorcycles for Operation Farauta in Adamawa by THE NOON

When would these 21st century slavish mentality be abolished in Nigerian political culture?. The barbaric culture that gives priorities to celebrating futility which in any ways in the past guaranteed protection of lives and property nor reduces crime rates nor allowed Nigerians to understand what really are challenges of Nigeria Police Force is mobility? Or weapons? Or their welfare? Or the country is under police?. These often presentation of vehicles to the police by state government and by some private sectors in the name of supporting the police were nothing but a temptation which directly questioned the annual budget of Nigerian police forces because these questionable gesture in the name of assisting police was a global embarrassment and an assault to the integrity of what policing is all about while it also remained a cleared sources of corruption gives the police bad name therefore policing in developed countries allowed the annual budget to take care of all the needs of police and these made policing to be meaningful in ensure law and order, guaranteed protection of lives and property and police public relationship enjoyed maximum levels of trust. So what really is the problems of the Nigerian Police Forces? Does giving them vehicles they can not maintain add to insecurities or add to corruption?.

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