Comment on Security situation in South-East, South-South, critical- IGP by Azzo

You are nothing but an unrepentant salafist. A religious bigot and tribalist. Where is the insecurity more critical in the whole of Nigeria? Is it not in the North from where you and your incompetent principal come from? Your men and security personnel are those who are victims in the Southern parts of the country. As bad as it is, in professional parlance, it is called occupational hazard. It is quite different from the insecurity in the North where you have daily kidnapping, butchering of innocent lives, banditry and insurgency. Kidnapping of children from schools – this is where Nigerian citizens suffer the most and police protection is need urgently. You have gone to the South because you seek vengeance and must reduce the Igbo population with those of their Yoruba brothers. Otherwise your immediate attention should be Northwards. We know your kind. But know this, the day of reckoning is very near.

Source: news

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