Comment on Self-determination: North is also preparing to leave Nigeria – Ladoja by Dr Uche Kalu

The former Governor of Oyo State,Senator Rashidi Ladoja does come
across here as somebody,who is quite ignorant about the demography
and ethnic make up of the so called North.
The Senator’s bove statement that the North is also preparing to leave
Nigeria is a cliched nonsense and an utter bunkum.
Why would the Indigenous Northerners: the Afizere, Anagutas,Beroms,
Eggons, Idomas, Igalas, Jukuns, Kofyars, Iyems, Ngas,Nupes,Tivs et al,
who are Kwa/Bantu Nigerians like us Southerners and who, make up over
70% of the population of the North, want to leave Nigeria?
And why would the landless Neo-Colonialist Fulani cattle driver nomads,
who are virtually obligate parasites,want to leave Nigeria ojare?
It seems as if Senator Rashidi Ladoja,who as his epitheto suggests is
a Yoruba convert into Islam is inculcate with Islamic doctrine on
dissembling with ”Taqiyya”.
That the North is also preparing to leave Nigeria is purely Mallam Rashidi
Ladoja’s figment of imagination.Lol!!
Methink that the Great Oduduwa People have got lots of Omo Afonjas
in Yorubaland.
Mallam Rashidi Ladoja is indeed one of them.
”Yoruba Ronu” !
Nigeria We Hail Thee!!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Isalmic Hegemony !!!!

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