Comment on Senate in rowdy session, throws out Bill on Armed Forces Commission by THE NOON

Is this a democracy or a demonstration of an absolute nonsense for over 20years of democracy in Nigeria?. The disagreement over the Bill inquestion should not based on North VS south because Democratic culture and its principle only recognized political parties as Family in all matters that concerns governance which should be the basis for disagreement on the matter of the Bill so for allowing regional or tribal sentiment to prevailed on National Assembly matters confirmed the fact that Democracy had failed totally in Nigeria. Why the National Assembly failed to foster National Unity in all its activities? The Democratic spirits of uniting peoples systematically and its philosophy of achieving what Nigerian Motto Stands for begging with National Assembly as the only symbol of Democratic unity in flesh, blood and spirits where patriotism prevailed over region, tribe or religion therefore Is democracy really compatible with Sicked society like Nigeria? If democracy could United Americans that has difference more than Nigeria why does democracy failed to unite Nigerians as people?

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