Comment on Senate may approve death penalty for ‘Hate Speech’  by DR Uche Kalu

What exactly is here the defination of ”Hate Speech? ”
I’ve got in my private library two copies of the Qur’an,the Holy Book of the muslim, one in English and the other in German.
The English Qur’an Copy was a present from a Pakistani colleague of mine ,Dr. Shah
Mohammed at Middlesex Hospital in Central London.
While the German Copy was proferred to me in front of the ´Railway Statation in
Bonn Germany, by some Islamic Salafist Sect,who were holding then, an Islamic Jamborees all over North Rhein Westfalen, in their ongoing futile bid to Islamize the entire Christian West.
Both in English and in German,the Qur’an’s contents are the same and that indeed is replete with hate speeches and orders against non-muslims,the so called non-believers or rather infidels.
But every friday the Imams in their sermons to the so called true believers is absolutely
nothing but hate speeches directed of course ,against us, the so called unbelievers,
Christian et al.
Thus,the Senate’s approval of death penalty for ”Hate Speech”, would be directed certainly against the muslim clergies.
What a wicked irony that would be indeed.Lol!!

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