Comment on Senate orders ban on importation of textile by THE NOON

The economy situation of the country has clearly revealed that Nigerian Legislature lacked competency in proffering Democratic solution to the ugly economy situation of Nigeria because they absolutely failed to understand population and its significant to Nation building however achieving economy prosperity does not required policies inconsistencies, banned some items, questionable closure of land borders with the notions that these will solved economy problems moreover the so called legislature and the so called policies makers failed in their obligations and these failure rendered their education useless until they find answer to these questions: Is Nigeria run productive economy or consumer economy? Why is government policies and programs encourage bureaucracy at all levels? Why are Universities only produced desperate job seekers annually? Why is teeming Nigerian youths indulge in cyber crimes, gambling as the only ways of survival? Above all why is the Democratic leadership at all levels only gives priorities to symptoms and unwisely abandoned diseases? These together made all efforts of government upon Billion’s of money spent not materialize. Developed countries all over the world achieved economy prosperities by ensured that their teeming youths are productive in key areas of their economy potentials where government obligations in guaranteed viable infrastructure that sustained economy activities and setting of long terms economy goals of self suffiency, self reliance in major areas of economy potentials played key roles in their success story than meaningless closure of border or banned this, banned that. Unarqueably all the unwised leadership failure at all levels of Democratic leadership on economy matters showed that Nigerians population was not considered and attaining productive economy always discredited while achieving economy status of self sufficiency and self reliance always blindly ignored therefore would closure of land borders or banned of some items turned Nigeria as consumer economy to productive economy or would it made the country to attained a status of self sufficiency and self reliance?

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