Comment on Senate presidency: Buhari, APC not opposed to my candidature -Ndume by Dr Uche Kalu

Why on earth does this bigamist pedophile,Mallam Ali Ndume ,who once
confessed to have over the years offered logistics to the Boko Haram and directed the operations of those Jihadist Killer Squads ,want to be the President our Senate?
Oh dear! Nigerians are simply scandalized that Senator Ali Ndume is still a free
man today, and even heading one of our Senate Committees.
What crying shame indeed and a blot on the escutcheon of man?
But this bloke is also a mass murderer like the members of the Boko Haram.
In a normal clime, Senator Ali Ndume ought to have been hanged or locked up
for the rest of his miserable life long time ago, because he is a felon.
Nigeria is indeed a failed Banana Republic,which has descended into a
Hobbessian state of nature.Precious human lives are worth nothing in Nigeria.
What a country indeed!

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