Comment on Senate presidency: Osinbajo didn’t tell me to drop ambition – Ndume by THE NOON

If political maturity is obviously lacking in a Democracy of about 20yrs and these continuously presenting Nigeria and its political culture to the rest of the world as an uncivilized where every national issues always resulted to an unwarranted commotion which are symptoms of a sickness of a society. The Democratic position of a Legislature as far as democracy is concerned was historically for an intellectually mature, morally pure and democratically sound minded peoples because a democratically representative of a people is all about representing their will which is more important than the desperate struggle to become leaders of the National Assembly. Every democratically organized countries has their political culture of these culture add valure to governance, add value to Democratic system, add value to people and always foster sense of patriotism while the bond of knowledge based solution to societal problems and its nonviolence mechanism prevailed when ever there is dispute on national matters of which these ensured rapid development of socioeconomic and political wellbeing of people however this is not a matter of Sen.Ali Ndume said He is Buharist, what does that democratically teaches Nigeria? Or a matter of barbaric and undemocratic rotation or zoning of National assembly leadership which in the past neither promoted Unity of purpose nor ensured peace and unity in politics by guaranteed political stabilities together with a economy stability therefore The 9th National assembly in the 20yrs of democracy characterized by 21st century commotion of ridiculous minded so called senators and honorables which turned legislature to a mere comic empire based on Babylonia ideology confirmed that democracy had failed totally.

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