Comment on Senate wants FG to declare state of emergency on security by THE NOON

Insecurity is a global challenges of 21st century with many dimension and counter dimension drives by political ideology that continue subjecting people to socioeconomic hardships that defined slavish mentality.
The unhealthy and unfriendly democratic society of Nigeria drives by its barbaric political culture failed to realized that until there is answers for these fundamental questions, Why is the society indulge in crimes and criminality? Why is the society enjoys committing crimes? Why is the teeming youths enjoyed crimes and criminality as legitimate means of livelihood?. Each convicted criminal was a cleared ambassador of a family, a religion, schools and tribal background so failure to acknowledged the truth that Family, Schools, Religion as an institutions that formed society had failed totally in these regard also add to the inability to proffered solutions to general insecurity of lives and properties therefore fighting crimes and criminality in any names banditry, kidnaping, terrorism and insurgency without given priorities to crimes prevention mechanism remained a cleared delusion as far as security is concerns because prevention is better, cheaper than fighting crimes above all without philosophically restored true Africans moral and cultural value and true Africans belief on brotherhood and without meaningful efforts to addressed the evils/criminal minds of Nigerian’s in order to redressed it’s monsters all efforts of government at all levels in the name of creating State Police while some are of the opinions that people should defend themselves and many national commotions in the name of solutions will only add and aggravated the already ugly security situations. Undoubtedly insecurity is also a virus so if the whole world could gives priorities to lockdown socioeconomy just to prevented the spread of COVID 19 and continues sensitization on compulsory use of facemask in public through legislation before even succeed in production of Vaccines these shows that prevention of crimes in all its ramifications is better, cheaper than fighting crimes so state of emergency in security as far as democracy is concerns mean Coup

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