Comment on Separatist agitations: Wike’s strong voice by Dr Uche Kalu

Chief Nyesom Wike in his above meglomaniac paranoiac outburst seems
to have forgotten that his so called Ikwere people are a minority in his
Rivers State,which is indeed a multi-ethnic State.
There are more Igbos, Ijaws, Ogonis et al in Rivers State than the Ikweres.
Let Governor Wike take a trip to Isiokpo, Echie (Etche) et al,to sample the feelings of our Noble Aro Igbos, the Echies and the rest.
Governor Wike ought to descend now from his hackneyed platitudes and grandstandings by reading the hand writings on the walls all over the
However,he can jolly well, be rest assured that by his ordering of those pogroms against our Igbo Millennials of Obigbo,he’s got an axe to grand
with us Ndigbo.
Oh yes indeed!
He certainly did incure some debts repayable one day in kind no matter
how long it takes.
We shall indeed take our pound of flesh in a due time, and that is not a
mere threat but rather a genuine promise ojare!
”Ndigbo ga agwazi ochu.
Kpum bu ogu.
All Hail Biafra our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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